Lobby Day 2018

On April 17th over 60 optometrists and optometry students met with legislators to seek support for A.6751/ S.5235 which would allow New York optometrists to prescribe certain oral medications.  Passage of the bill would give New Yorkers greater access to healthcare in a more timely manner allowing for better vision and ocular health. The meetings were successful in getting more co-sponsors for the bill.  
Representing HVOS were President Dr. Michael Bywater, Secretary Dr. Aaron Punim, Dr. Victoria McEwan and Dr. Lisa Lappan. 

Front Row L to R:  Dr. Carly Goldberg, Dr. Dawn Chivers, Tara Mahvelati SUNY ‘19, Dr. Victoria McEwan. Rear: Nate Foster SUNY-O ‘19, Dr. Gary Mattison, Dr. Michael Bywater, Gary Pretlow Assemblyman District 89 D-Westchester, Dr. Lisa Lappin, Dr. Robert Fox.
New Member Spotlight

Meet some of the new members of the Hudson Valley Optometric Society